Take a Picture

I finally realize

that I can’t believe my eyes

when I’m looking in the mirror

the image ain’t always clearer.

All this time, I’ve been wrong

how I thought all along

cameras have always lied

and mirrors got it right.

I’d say:

“Don’t take my picture, please,

it’s not nice to tease.

Cameras only show the ugly

and never capture the real me

not like a mirror can,”

I did not understand.

Now I changed the rules I live by

once I figured out – mirrors lie.

The perception

of your reflection

is not what people see –

I’m speaking truthfully.

So, I won’t hide anymore

or duck behind the door –

I want pictures of my smile

as I’m laughing all the while –

I want pictures of me and you

showing all the crazy stuff we do.

Take my picture, take my picture,

I want to be a fixture

this moment will be a memory –

Please, take a picture of me.

© 2013 ck’s days

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This and other fine poems available at Amazon

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