We Will All Bleed

guest blogger

by Jordyn Lee

Sitting there, so alone behind a screen

only to read gossip all over my news feed

I shake while seeing my name pop up with an embarrassing rumor- indeed

Why? I wonder- why are people so cruel and the need

making fun of others for their own deed

Thinking its a cool thing to do or it’ll make their self esteem…

Any higher?

Does anyone feel the way I hurt? Then I remember the man who prayed in gethsemane..

My faith is just a tiny seed

But wait isn’t that all I need?

From the hurt as feeling so low and that I’ll be nothing for the world and what they want to see


They tell me read

Read with that tiny seed

They say it’ll grow

But it’s not that easy, you see

But I do so


I learn a story of a man who did plead

as he had to sacrifice his life just for me

Does he feel the way I feel?

The hurt and betrayal that even my own friend said they agreed …

with the post that was made for me

to see because of people’s jealousy

He was a perfect being but because of envy

The savior put his hands together and on his knee

He felt the agony

More pain than I felt inside me

Prayed there, begging and crying…

there has to be another way to be free

To be perfect, like thee

He got tortured

He cried.. But not even with greed

Please Heavenly Father let them be..

For they know not what they do

When he bleed for you and me..

And felt the worst pain in history

Just in a night in gethsemane

Remember he is true and he feels your pain all in the pouring rain..

with the nails in his wrists, hands, and feet


We will all bleed

but with him we WILL exceed and live for eternity


© 2016 ck’s days



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