There are games being played on Facebook right now.  Usually, they are played by the teenagers.  The older crowd doesn’t want  or no longer cares about the types of games being played.  But teenagers, well, teens are usually still willing to let another person’s opinion control them.  They are searching for self-esteem that they are looking for validation through another person’s outlook.  The games?  There are several but I’m referring to TI (truth is) and TBH (to be honest).

This is how it works.  A Facebook user posts a status beginning the game.  It can be wordy or it can just be two letters: TI.  Other Facebook perusers like the status.  The poster then leaves a message privately or on the peruser’s wall answering the question.

As you can imagine, it has the potential to turn quite ugly quickly.   For the most part, the reply I see is “I don’t know you but you seem nice.”  Or “We used to talk but we don’t anymore…”  It can be harmless, helpful, or hurtful.

I am tempted to play.  If I weren’t old I would do it.  One night, when it was late and I couldn’t sleep, I’d like to post a “TI” as my status.  And when the likes came, this is what I would say:

“Truth is you’re pretty awesome.  You are a child of God and have so much potential in this life to do great things.  To be honest, you should recognize there is so much more to you than what you see in the mirror.  You have been given many talents and abilities that can help other people in this life.  You just have to believe and see yourself as I do.  As your Heavenly Father does.  You were born to do great things.  So stop wasting time on Facebook and start developing your talents.  There are people counting on you to succeed.  You can do this.  You got this.  Now go to it.”

What? They say, you can’t use the same message for every person.  That takes away from the personal nature of this game.  Ah, I argue, the words may be the same but the message is different for every single person.  Take a look again.

Maybe someday I’ll play the game.


lms by ck

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