The Worst Trial

A life is made

and when we look we see

valley and hill

times of blessing

times of adversity.

I clearly see

in my own time line

two rather big

mountains looming

in my rearview behind.

One of sorrow

when I said goodbye to mom

such sadness of

mourning and grief

for a bit, I lost my calm.

The other mountain

my belief was turned.

All of my life

my faith sustained

but my trust was burned.

You might ask,

which mountain was worse

loss of love

or loss of faith

which felt like a greater curse?

I miss my mom

still to this very day.

But the loss of faith was harder

to heal in a different way.

You see, while I

miss my mom so much

I had faith

to warm me and

provide the needed comforting touch.

But when I lost

my faith and couldn’t see

there was no flame

not even a spark

to warm and comfort me.


2 thoughts on “The Worst Trial

  1. I think in our worst trial or times, it’s the best time to pray more so that our Heavenly Father can hold us. He has done exactly that with me.

  2. You are right. But at the time, I felt like there was a door blocking the way. My prideful feelings was probably the door but still difficult to discard at the time. Thanks for sharing!

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