Just One Little Reason Why I Prefer Not to Live in NYC

My oldest niece, Lyn, has just embarked on a grand adventure to a land far, far away called New York.  As with most adventures, she spent this first  weekend feeling overwhelmed.  She also felt apprehensive about her choice to spend three months in the Big Apple for an internship.  So much so, that when she found out I was going to see the Avengers with friends on Saturday night, she responded, “I’m jealous.”  I reminded her that she just returned from a walk during which she strolled through Central Park.  “Uh,” I answered, “I’m jealous of you.”  She didn’t agree with me.  Yet.  I give it a couple of weeks before she can fully appreciate her situation.  Sure, the days will be long but the months will fly by.  At least, that’s how it works for me.

She did send a few pictures of her walk-about Saturday afternoon that I’ll share with you.  Keep in mind, this is the photography of a Utah girl roaming around Manhattan for the first time.

Saturday night I went to see the Avengers with some friends.  I’m not sure how I feel about the movie yet.  There was a small child in the theater that started crying about two seconds after seeing Loki.  “Why would you bring a kid to this movie?” my friend asked.  I shrugged my shoulders.  When I went to see The Hunger Games I encountered a similar situation and felt the same way.  But The Avengers  is based on comic book heroes.  I guess superheroes are no longer a kid business.  I’d like to see an adult be as fanatic as a child is though about heroes.  Let’s see you buy those Hulk underoos.  On second thought, scratch that image from my head please.  Quickly.

I enjoyed the humor of the movie.  It didn’t take itself too seriously.  Especially with Tony Stark delivering snarky one-liners.  I think my favorite visual is when the Hulk and Thor finished beating up bad guys and suddenly the Hulk clocks Thor.

However, there was a little too much destruction for my taste.  Especially when they were destroying the locale my niece just sent me pictures of.  At one time in my life, I wanted to live in New York.  I no longer feel that way,  Instead, I’m compiling a list of why I do not want to live in New York.  First on the list:  it seems to be the mecca for superheroes.  Sure, that sounds good but superheroes attract supervillains.  And when supervillians run amok the superheroes have to take them down a notch.  And when that happens, innocent buildings get annihilated.  Plus, a whole lot of taxis are crushed.  No, thank you.  I think I’ll just live vicariously through my niece and her grand adventure in the Big Apple and hope no superheroes visit in the next three months.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Temple

Central Park

Trump Tower


7 thoughts on “Just One Little Reason Why I Prefer Not to Live in NYC

  1. Well, it is on the top of my list. But those can be on it too. I’m from Wyoming – I don’t think I’d do well with that many people in such a small space!

  2. Yes, I’m glad I’m in the middle where mayhem typically ignores (except for 2012 and Yellowstone was the first to go. That wasn’t pleasant!)

  3. When I grew up in California, we were within miles of an air military base, the nuclear plant and one of the major Marine training bases. I laughed when they told us to hide under desks in school. I’m like, I’m pretty sure we are the first to go.. LOL

  4. I’m pretty sure that desk would have protected you 🙂 The same desk that probably had several students’ initials carved into it…but a nuclear blast – no problem! 😉

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