Just Don’t Think About it that Much

I went to see the Avengers.  So, maybe I’ve seen it twice already in the first two weeks it’s been playing.  Don’t be a judger.  Anyway, I’ve seen it twice and to sum up – I like it.  My favorite line actually belongs to Thor.  (spoiler alert) After warning the others to be respectful about Loki because he is his brother he finds out what a bad boy Loki has been.  “He is adopted,” Thor responds.   I know, I know, I’ve seen the articles detailing how insensitive that joke was to the adoption community.  I’ll let them wage that battle.  And in my political incorrectness I’m going to laugh because it is funny.

It got me thinking that maybe we shouldn’t put so much thought into movies.  Sometimes the movie is better if we just don’t connect all the dots.  And yes, I just happen to have an example.

Photo courtesy IMDB

The movie Overboard (Kurt Russell, Goldie Hawn) came out when I was 14 years old.  At that time, I was a romantic sap.  I overlooked a few things about the movie (ie plotline) because it had a happy ending.  And it made me laugh.  It doesn’t take much to win me over.  Anything that can make me laugh, or gives me purple Skittles/pink Starburst, or shares a can of Pringles.  But those last few are just side notes for future reference.

Overboard made me laugh (“He seems to like you and he’s a nice guy”) so I liked it.  It really is that simple.  I was willing to overlook the general creepiness of the whole movie.  I had the luxury of being naïve when I was 14 and didn’t understand how terribly wrong the whole concept of the storyline was.  At the time, it was just a rom-com with a happy ending.  Two of my favorite things as a hopeless romantic.

It was on tv the other day and it made me cringe.  I’m sure Elizabeth Smart and Jaycee Dugard probably would never watch it.  But I’m not them.  I admit, it was a conscious battle to enjoy it.  Ignore the kidnapping.  Ignore the lies (lies always builds a solid foundation for a relationship).  Ignore the fact the father is a lazy good for nothing.  Ignore the fact that they end up together (but what we don’t see is the divorce later on).  If I ignore all that, it is still a good movie that makes me laugh (“I think we can take Olaf”).  Just don’t overthink it.  And realize it is only a movie after all.

5 thoughts on “Just Don’t Think About it that Much

  1. Yeah I love this movie. Sometimes, it’s good just to put your brain in neutral and watch a fun movie. I agree, this does just that.

  2. I agree! Thinking too much about some movies have ruined a few of my favorites. So, I just like to veg and watch now. Don’t. Ask. Questions. 🙂

  3. I just watched “I married an axe murder” recently. I put that in the same veg category. Really enjoyed it.

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