The dream was kind of a bang (but that’s just a theory)


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I had a couple epiphanies Sunday morning.

Let me back up and explain.  Are you familiar with the sitcom Big Bang Theory?  If not, watch TBS on any given night.  That will catch you up.

There was not much programming on television last week.  Well, as always, something is always on but that something is not always worth watching.  I don’t even really watch anymore, I just need background noise for when I’m doing worthwhile endeavors like surfing YouTube videos and keeping up with my peeps via Facebook.

So, I turn on the television and pay no attention to it for the evening.  Or at least I think I do.  There is a chance that even when ignored the programming digs into my psyche and takes root.

Last week, I settled on BBT on TBS almost every evening I was online.  Did you know TBS plays it for three hours on Friday AND Saturday evening?

It does. And I had it on.

Late Saturday night or perhaps early Sunday morning, I had a dream.  A rather odd dream.  I dreamt the time was post-apocalyptic (if you have read more than one post in this blog you may realize that is a recurring theme in my dreams.   Don’t judge me.  Don’t analyze me.  Let’s stay focused on the post at hand here) and the BBT characters were the only survivors.  Well, the cast and the people in charge of the laugh track.  Because there was still laughter.

They were holed up in a local building here in my hometown that used to be a bank.  It’s a pretty white building in the “historic” (as historic as it can get when the town has been here for just over 100 years) downtown area.  I used to work across the street from it and daydreamed I could buy it and turn it into my own video production studio.  Ah, a different kind of dream.

As it is, the building is dilapidated and sits empty with boards in the windows.  It should be torn down.  But that’s another story.

Back to this story, the BBT cast holed up in this old building and tried setting up tents.  They couldn’t figure out how.  Enter Penny who just flipped the tent out of the box and it set itself up.  Cue laugh track.

The biggest laugh came when one of the characters (I’m assuming Howard) stated epiphany number one: the guys (all scientists) are handy to have around before the apocalypse (to maybe prevent it – even though they didn’t in this case) but not so helpful after the fact (when it came to surviving).

It was funnier when he said it.

Epiphany number 2 occurred after I woke up:  I really gotta lay off the BBT.  So, I’ll be watching something else this week.

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5 thoughts on “The dream was kind of a bang (but that’s just a theory)

  1. Mm… late night TV, can certainly get into your dreams! I’ve not had this for many years now, probably because I never even have the TV on! 🙂

    I know what you mean about background noise, I used to be like that too, but I managed to wean myself off that need. I quite happily sit at the computer in silence most of the time (unless I get drawn into some music) the silence feels completely normal these days. And it’s really good to not have to need it! 😀

  2. Ah, one of those late nights, eh? 😉
    I have started turning off the tv (this week) at 9:00pm (except on Monday – Castle is on then and I only have two shows I watch that being one of them). My hope is I will use the time to read. It hasn’t worked so well this week because I’ve been sick and I’ve actually fallen asleep uncharacteristically early. But hopefully that will fall into place. I used to read a lot. Now my attention span has shriveled but I want to force myself to start reading again.
    When I get better, I’m going to have a goal to not turn the tv on until 7:00 to promote exercise. That is not happening this week though 🙂
    Someday I hope to be at the point where you are. Small steps, right? 🙂

  3. Definitely small steps! You could try turning the sound down on the TV a little more each day, until you start wondering what the TV is on for! 😀 That’s what I ended up doing, unintentionally, but it worked!
    Yes, one of those late nights, but an early late night, not one of those 4 or 5 in the morning ones!! 😉

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