The dream was kind of a bang (but that’s just a theory)


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I had a couple epiphanies Sunday morning.

Let me back up and explain.  Are you familiar with the sitcom Big Bang Theory?  If not, watch TBS on any given night.  That will catch you up.

There was not much programming on television last week.  Well, as always, something is always on but that something is not always worth watching.  I don’t even really watch anymore, I just need background noise for when I’m doing worthwhile endeavors like surfing YouTube videos and keeping up with my peeps via Facebook.

So, I turn on the television and pay no attention to it for the evening.  Or at least I think I do.  There is a chance that even when ignored the programming digs into my psyche and takes root.

Last week, I settled on BBT on TBS almost every evening I was online.  Did you know TBS plays it for three hours on Friday AND Saturday evening?

It does. And I had it on.

Late Saturday night or perhaps early Sunday morning, I had a dream.  A rather odd dream.  I dreamt the time was post-apocalyptic (if you have read more than one post in this blog you may realize that is a recurring theme in my dreams.   Don’t judge me.  Don’t analyze me.  Let’s stay focused on the post at hand here) and the BBT characters were the only survivors.  Well, the cast and the people in charge of the laugh track.  Because there was still laughter.

They were holed up in a local building here in my hometown that used to be a bank.  It’s a pretty white building in the “historic” (as historic as it can get when the town has been here for just over 100 years) downtown area.  I used to work across the street from it and daydreamed I could buy it and turn it into my own video production studio.  Ah, a different kind of dream.

As it is, the building is dilapidated and sits empty with boards in the windows.  It should be torn down.  But that’s another story.

Back to this story, the BBT cast holed up in this old building and tried setting up tents.  They couldn’t figure out how.  Enter Penny who just flipped the tent out of the box and it set itself up.  Cue laugh track.

The biggest laugh came when one of the characters (I’m assuming Howard) stated epiphany number one: the guys (all scientists) are handy to have around before the apocalypse (to maybe prevent it – even though they didn’t in this case) but not so helpful after the fact (when it came to surviving).

It was funnier when he said it.

Epiphany number 2 occurred after I woke up:  I really gotta lay off the BBT.  So, I’ll be watching something else this week.

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Dream a Little Dream

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I’ve been having some rather odd dreams lately.  Perhaps, my dreams are always odd but for some reason I am remembering them when I wake up.  One dream that I keep reflecting on involved a locked briefcase.  In my living room.  There was an urgency to unlock the briefcase but nobody around me knew the combination code.  My little team (I can’t remember who made up my team) did our best to pry open the lock.  It took some time, but we finally managed to open it – just in time of whoever or whatever we were trying to avoid.  And what was in the briefcase?  Another locked, albeit smaller, briefcase.

In an effort to foil the people who were coming after the briefcase, I took out the smaller one and placed a weight inside the bigger one.  Then we closed it and left it where the bad people could find it (genius!).  I never found out what was in the smaller case, why it was so heavy, why there were people after it all thanks to the typical dream ender ruiner – I woke up.  But I’m still curious. 

So, I consulted Google to help me find answers.  I typed in “What does it mean if I dream of a briefcase” and these are the top results.

From a website called, “To dream of briefcase means the ideas intellectual thoughts that are intensely personal and part of what defines you. To dream that you are carrying a briefcase means your level or preparedness in some situation or circumstance. It also refers to your concerns and worries about work and travel. To dream that you lose your briefcase means you feel or fear you aren’t staying on top of your responsibilities, you need to pay more attention to them, or the work area of your life seems neglected. For a women to dream of opening a briefcase in front of her means that she going to start a business. To dream of yourself tightly carrying, gripping or nervously setting down a brief case beside you means information, advice and suggestions which you are keeping back from another person.The needed information you are choosing to keep to yourself involves a marital issue, family matter, relationship situation or finances.”

First of all, something about this leads me to believe this was translated from a different language.  And second, does this mean I’m going to start a business?  Unlikely.  I kept looking for answers.

A website called had this to offer, “To dream of a briefcase indicates that you have confidence in your ability to handle a difficult task or issue. It may also reflect any anxieties you harbor regarding your job or an upcoming journey.”

Hmm, I have confidence in my ability to handle a difficult task or issue?  Insert buzzer sound here.  It is possible I have some anxieties about my job though. associates briefcases with “Attitudes and beliefs about work and business, professional identity.”

Based on that, my identity is locked?  And an unsolved mystery since I never got to see what was in the briefcase that was inside the briefcase.  Am I really that complex?  I really doubt it.

One more?

At dreams about briefcases reflect “Work, your career, your responsibilities.”

It also states, “Losing your briefcase could mean you feel or fear you aren’t staying on top of your responsibilities, you need to pay more attention to them, or the work area of your life seems neglected.”

I didn’t lose the briefcase, though.  It was in plain sight the whole time.  I just didn’t know the combination to open the darn thing.

The website also mentions “To see or carry a briefcase in your dream, represents your level of preparedness in some situation or circumstance. It also refers to your concerns and worries about work and travel.”

But I never carried it.  For the most part, it in my living room.

Compiling everything I looked up, my briefcase dream means I’m worried about work.  Apparently I’m so worried I have a little baby job inside of my main job?  And mean people are after it.  Because I have the enviable, hot-market job of… data entry.  Yeah, who wouldn’t be after that?



Last week – about the same time as the dream – I blogged I felt like a spy because of my late night, covert, dark library parking lot entries.  The fact I never found out what was so important in the briefcase inside the briefcase just shows how lazy I am.  I couldn’t even come up with a decent ending for my adventure created in my own subconscious. 

As I said before, I don’t give much stock into dreams.  They are just stories my subconscious is trying to share with me.  Typically they are a mash-up of my day that comes out in sometimes entertaining plot lines.  Sometimes disturbing plot lines.  Don’t look too hard for a hidden meaning.  I’m not that deep.

A Dream is Just a Dream. Really.

I don’t put much stock into dreams.  At least, not my dreams.  I know there are websites galore to explain dreams and to provide interpretation, blah, blah, blah.

My dreams are usually a mesh-up of my day.  They are in color and typically have the feel of a movie (product of this generation, I suppose.  I wonder what dreams looked like pre-Hollywood? Do you think the ancient Greeks dreamed of constellations?).

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