A Dream is Just a Dream. Really.

I don’t put much stock into dreams.  At least, not my dreams.  I know there are websites galore to explain dreams and to provide interpretation, blah, blah, blah.

My dreams are usually a mesh-up of my day.  They are in color and typically have the feel of a movie (product of this generation, I suppose.  I wonder what dreams looked like pre-Hollywood? Do you think the ancient Greeks dreamed of constellations?).

Some of my dreams can be quite exciting and I’m disappointed when I wake up.   Others are boring and the plot changes mid-dream.  Some are frustrating such as two recurring dreams I have.  In one, I’m at my old junior high and the bell rings but I’m in the wrong class on the wrong floor.  In another, I’m playing basketball and I can’t shoot the ball.  No matter how hard I try, I can’ let go of the ball.  There have been terrifying dreams that wake me up.  Most of the time, these dreams seem ridiculous during the light of day and I’m usually confused as to why they woke me up.  And of course, occasionally, I’ve experienced a full-on nightmare.  These dreams are usually quite memorable.

Saturday evening, I spent time flipping through channels looking for a movie.  I never did find one I wanted to watch.  However, during my surfing, I passed AMC a couple of times.  A marathon of its original series, The Walking Dead was on.  I may have lingered a couple of times.  Since one of my talents is being a couch potato, I’m trying not to get interested in too many series.  So, I did not settle on AMC and kept flipping.

Sometime during the night, the images I saw for a few moments surfaced in my subconscious.   I dreamt I was walking down a local street but I was on the alert for the undead.  My goal was to make it back to my apartment (an apartment I lived in almost twenty years ago.  Whenever I have unpleasant dreams, my apartment on Edgar Street seems to play a part.  Now, that could be something someone could interpret for me).  Along the way, I found a sidekick to tag-along.  That’s when I found out the zombies were looking for people who don’t drink alcohol or who didn’t have alcohol at their residence.  That would be me.

We made it to my apartment and the zombies were soon banging on my door.  Due to the non-alcohol smell emanating from the walls.  We had to find a way to escape even though the building was completely surrounded.  The undead banged on the walls and…and…I woke up.  Sorry to disappoint you with no ending.

It wasn’t a scary dream at all though.  It wasn’t even exciting.  It was rather boring.  Perhaps, it bored me so much I woke up.  A while ago, I had a dream about chasing and killing vampires.  Now that was an exciting dream.  I was so caught up in the action I felt disappointed when I woke up.  However, the most terrifying dream I’ve had in years didn’t involve the undead or monsters.  It was about bears.  I woke up in a sweaty, panicked mode with that one.  In the end, I guess I prefer to dream about undead monsters.  Please, do not interpret for me.

4 thoughts on “A Dream is Just a Dream. Really.

  1. Maybe you should keep watching the series. It’s so good!!! I love reading your blogs. I feel like its story time in “our” office!!!!

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