The Meaning Behind the Dream

The other night I had a peculiar dream. I’ll share it with you. I was at a Girls’ Camp type function. Thankfully, we were in cabins – or cabin like facilities. There were four of us per cabin though I’m not sure I ever saw any of my roommates. I assume they were my fellow leaders.

Everyone at this camp participated in a “secret sister” activity. The name I drew belonged to one of my former young women. I was very excited and nervous about her gift – which was as long as a broom and wrapped in brown paper. It kind of looked like a misshaped guitar. I placed it on her bed (I’m assuming) in her cabin. Sad news! She never got it. I spent most of my dream trying to find it and I was so stressed about it I woke up feeling anxious. It wasn’t until after my shower that I realized it was, in fact, a dream. Not real. I don’t actually owe her anything.

Or do I?

Some people think dreams are a way of our subconscious talking to us. Maybe my fears of inadequacy surfaced in this dream. Maybe it was my clarion call that when it comes to being a leader, I have numerous deficiencies. Perhaps I have this underlying fear that I am robbing the girls of some serious spiritual nutrients. That I will never measure up to good leader status.

And since being a leader is who I am right now, what does that say about me personally? That my best isn’t good enough? No matter what I do or how hard I try, I’m always going to be lacking? Or that I have nothing to offer or give another person?

Can one little dream possibly be responsible of imploding one’s self-esteem? Is it really capable of plunging someone from an ignorant, blissful state to self-doubting despair?  Does one dream – dream mind you, not a nightmare – have the power to cause someone to question her own existence? The very fabric of her being?

Whew! Good thing I don’t give much stock into dreams.

Here’s the true interpretation: even though Girls’ Camp is in July, it is starting to be whispered about. Plans are being made. At our planning activity a couple weeks ago, we planned our annual fundraiser.

And the girl I got a gift for? Her birthday was last week. I got a card for her but mailed it late.

What was with the misshapen guitar present? Okay, that was a little weird. I don’t know the meaning because in my dream I thought her present was a multi-colored bubble bath set.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure I have this dream figured out.

6 thoughts on “The Meaning Behind the Dream

  1. Last night I dreamed about tourists in Argentina – I wasn’t one of them – just watching. Sometimes I think we just dream random nonsense.

    You are an AMAZING YW leader. Worrying about the girls and whether your good enough means you care. And as for camp… I keep picturing (when I’m wide awake, mind you,) that I present our theme for the year, and all I get back are blank stares. Like, “You’re serious? Who’s genius idea was it for you to be the camp director?”

    As for the misshaped gift in your dream, it sounds like a magical broomstick to me. Maybe a Firebolt?

  2. A Firebolt would have been awesome! But let’s be honest, I wouldn’t have been giving it away. I would have kept it – but maybe I’d let the girls ride it once in awhile. Like when they finished their Personal Progress (haha!).
    Yes, back when I was weird (er) I used to be into dream interpretation and all that nonsense. Now I just laugh it off. I really hope there isn’t meaning behind my silly dreams.
    And thanks for the kind words. There’s always a little worry inside that I’m falling short in my duties. But I think that’s a normal thing, right?

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  4. There is always a dream meaning behind the dream which is related to our thought and activities some how. so its a good thing to check out the dream mean through dream dictionary for our mind satisfaction and much more every dream have meaning near to me. Thanks for sharing.

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