Sometimes Dreams are my Happy Place

Lady Gaga Paparazzi

The other day as I drove home from work Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi came on the radio.  As I’ve mentioned before, I live in a small town.  We only have a handful of FM radio stations.  Two are country, one is old rock, one is the Golden Oldies, and two are top 40.  I went through my country phase years ago.  For the most part I listen to the top 40 stations now.  So when Paparazzi played the other day it had been awhile since I last heard it.

“Oh,” I said to myself and instinctively turned up the radio.  Not because I particularly like the song but because the memories associated with it make me smile.

It’s not even an actual event that I remember.  It was a dream.  But one of those distinct dreams that feel more like a movie.  A group of us were gathered.  I’m not sure where but it was in the countryside somewhere. I can’t remember if I knew anyone in the group or not.  Perhaps there were family members with me.  We were waiting on the edge of a hill.  An air of excitement and anticipation hung in the air.  We were waiting for something.

Suddenly, a herd of cows came up over the top of the hill.  As you would expect, this made us all very happy.  Seriously, who wouldn’t be ecstatic over a herd of cows?  I think I even clapped my hands.  There might have been a woo-hoo out of me.  It was a good moment.

Photo courtesy the web

Photo courtesy the web

At the end of the herd, my brother rode a horse over the top of the hill.  You don’t know my brother so let me say “Huh?” for you.  This City Slickers scenario is weird on so many levels I don’t think I can fit it into my blog.  Let me just say, my brother is not a classified in the cowboy realm.

Maybe that’s why I whipped out a camera and started taking pictures of him.  This truly was a joyous moment.  Even though I really don’t know the reason.

He looked at me and started singing the Paparazzi song.  I just thought that was hilarious and laughed.  This was a perfect moment.  The cows were home… I guess.  All was right with the world.

It was a perfect moment of contentment.

Actually, it was one weird dream.  But every time I hear Paparazzi it makes me smile.  Because even though the dream was stranger than all get out, it had a happy ending.

3 thoughts on “Sometimes Dreams are my Happy Place

  1. I remember you telling me about your dream. When I hear the Paparazzi song, I think of RH singing as well! Ha ha!

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