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By: Veronica Din Olds


What? No, that can’t be right!

I brought out the dreaded stick with that life changing + and tears filled my eyes.   I looked at my mom and whispered it’s positive.

My mom quickly hugged me tightly and said, “I’m here for you sweetie, every step of the way! I love you!”

Even though I had my mom by side I couldn’t help but think. My whole world just turned upside down.  I can’t be a mom, I’m only 18! I have school, work, friends, I still have so much I want to do, travel, get married…

Get married to John.   Oh, what will he think?  He’s the best man I’ve ever known, and now…  Well now I’ll lose him. Why? Why, did I have to be so dumb?  Who wants to marry a girl who is pregnant with a baby that’s not his own?

As I heard the phone ring, I braced myself for telling him, I was fully prepared for him to step on the gas and get out of there! After all why would he still love me? I felt disgusting, even worthless. Why? I kept asking. Why now? I’ve turned my life around, I’ve been good, I’m on the straight and narrow, I’ve met the man I want to spend eternity with. After a long pause on the phone, he said, “I’m sorry I need time to think, I’ll call you back.” Click. I felt devastated; I knew this was the end.

Adoption? Hmmm… Maybe adoption would be the best; I can’t raise this baby alone.

My phone rang and I got a million little butterflies in my tummy when I saw his name (happens every time he calls or even texts). I answered with a slow hello… Waiting to hear, what I was positive was the end.  What I heard threw me off guard, he said, “Let’s move the wedding up.”

My jaw dropped! “What? You still want to be with me?! You still love me? No I can’t put you through this, I don’t want to ruin your life, your plans.”

“Veronica, I love you. I want to adopt the baby and make the baby my own.  I already have so much love for the baby and I, we, we just found out.  We’ll make this work. I love you!”

The next couple of months flew by! John moved to my hometown to be closer to me and our baby, to start looking for work and a place for us. We made brief, very brief (one month) wedding plans and threw it all together. The wedding turned out beautiful and wonderful thanks to a lot of help from family and close friends.  Two months after we were married our beautiful, wonderful little boy was born. The first time John held his son, was the most beautiful thing in the world to me, it brought such happiness to my life, and I knew this is what Heavenly Father knew would be the end result.

One year later, we were sealed as a family in the LDS Temple (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints). First I got sealed to my wonderful husband John. Then the temple workers brought in our sweet, sleeping baby boy, all dressed in white and had him sealed to us. Words cannot describe the feelings that as I went through the temple that day. I’m so grateful to have married such a wonderful, amazing, handsome man as John.  And to be sealed to him for time and all eternity it’s priceless! I know “families can be together forever, through Heaven Father’s plan, I always want to be with my own family, and The Lord has shown me how I can” (“Families Can Be Together Forever,” Children’s Songbook, 188).

2 thoughts on “Positive

  1. That was a sweet story – such a good man, he obviously knows what life is all about! 🙂

    My mothers father married her mother knowing full well she was already pregnant when he met her, (not with my mother, but with her older sister) that was in 1930’s, a real shame in those days to be a single woman and pregnant. He was such a gentleman, I would have loved to have met him, but he died nearly 10 years before I was born. Some people have a great ability to see beyond what would make most turn away in horror! 🙂

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