My amazing ability

Once a year, my niece Bubba invites me to spend time with her and her family. I have mentioned them a few times before so I will forgo the introductions. Last year I went to visit around the end of August. While there, I made a promise to Lil K. One that I didn’t think I would have to fulfill for a few more years. I was wrong.

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The Sad Case of Hi Bernard

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that my mom’s people settled in an area called Brown’s Park née Hole for a bit during the turn of the 19th century.  My ancestors were cattlemen, ranchers, and ranch wives (probably the hardiest lot of the bunch) before eventually moving to town sometime in the early 1900s.  I am trying to discover my roots and find out more about those ancestors so I have read a few books about Brown’s Park in the hopes I will run across an ancestor’s name or two.  My findings have been slim but that doesn’t mean I haven’t found other interesting stories in a colorful place with a bit of interesting history.  One that caught my attention is the sad case of Hi Bernard. Continue reading

Refined not defined

guest blogger

by Nancy Chamberlain

I forgot how hard my kindergarten teacher was, until my mom reminded me one day. “She would yell at you everyday, give you a pokey puppy stamp while she gave everyone else a happy or well done stamp at the end of the day.”  Oh yeah. I had forgotten since she always smiled and said hi to me in the halls. I now realize she was just happy I was no longer in her class. This reminded me of my experiences with basketball. I forgot just how often I was on the bench and how I scored a point for the other team… Continue reading

Small Town Perks

Not everyone likes the vibe of a small town.  Although I argue the point that the majority of us live in small communities.  Even when I lived in big cities I still lived in rather small communities.  I lived, shopped, and spent my leisurely down time within a few block radius.  There will be those that refute my point but I maintain it for the majority of people.  There is something about a community feel. Continue reading