Wyoming’s PSA

The other day I heard a PSA on the radio.  Now, keep in mind, I live in Wyoming. Our Public Service Announcements probably sound a little different than yours.  But this little Wyoming PSA was focused on ice-fishing.  More specific, what to do if an unlucky fisher fishes on thin ice and falls in.  I have never been ice fishing and it is not even remotely on my bucket list of things I need to do before I die to feel accomplished.  But I listened to the steps anyway. Continue reading

The Cataract of Lodore

There is a place called Brown’s Park that encompasses northwestern Colorado, southern Wyoming, and northeastern Utah.  The history of it is replete with Native Americans, early 20th century outlaws (Butch Cassidy), cattle rustlers, cattle barons, homesteaders, and miners.  Mixed in all that history happens to be some of my family history.  My mom’s ancestors once lived in in Brown’s Park (nee Hole).  Her grandma once danced with Butch Cassidy. Continue reading