Goodbye, my friend

I stood ashore

and waved goodbye

as you climbed into your boat,

your little boat

I shed a tear and did cry

even though I knew why

you had to sail away.


The time had come

for you to part

and leave behind this island

to get a new start

you had to sail away.


You floated in your boat

but looked to shore

and waved and pointed to me,

I smiled back,

that moment I did savor

but wanted a few more

as you sailed away.


At first,

you looked back often

until the day

you saw the horizon

as you sailed away.


From that moment,

you looked back less

and focused forward more

as your journey did progress

onward you did press

when you sailed away.


I braced

for that final goodbye

that approached too fast

and was nigh

when you sailed away.


The time soon neared,

I knew it would end

you’d never look back

toward the shore

or to me ever again,

my dear friend,

as you sailed away.


You turned and waved

and I knew – I could tell

so I let the wind

carry my final farewell

as you sailed away.

A Few More Words

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