The downside to contentment

I have a theory. It’s not a popular theory. In fact, when I posed it as a question on Facebook there was some disagreement. But I maintain my thesis. Here it is: people who are content will not change. There would be no need. They will stay in their comfort zone with no desire to leave. It takes unhappiness, a burr in the saddle, some kind of discomfort to prompt or prod us to level up, so to speak.

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The road

I love this road that I’m on

I’ve been traveling it so very long.

The scenery is pretty

and I have some good company.

I’d travel forever

never straying or turning, no never.

But that is not meant to be,

this road that I’m on is ending for me.

Never mistake a road’s end

for one that simply has a bend.

Yes, goodbyes may be tough,

but a new road is waiting for my love.

So, I will travel on

and advance down the road I belong.

© 2013 ck’s days


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