I’m not superstitious…much

calendarShe looked at me with wide eyes and an air of expectancy.  Normally, I would have agreed with her.  In fact, I had waited for over 20 years for an opportunity such as this.  But I couldn’t do it.  I could not side with my sister-in-law.

“RH,” my sister-in-law, CC, reiterated in case I didn’t hear her the first time, “will not flip a calendar early.”

Yeah, so?

She wanted me to join forces with her in an effort to mock my brother.  Of course she thought I would be an ally in her cause since I have led many efforts to mock my older brother ever since…well, forever.  It’s a little sister’s prerogative and responsibility and I always take my job seriously.  At least, this one.   Otherwise an older brother’s ego gets too huge and becomes too unbearable to even associate with.  It’s all in the Little Sister’s Handbook for Survival.  I can send you a copy if you’d like.

A discussion arose between RH and CC regarding proper calendar flip protocol.  CC believes a calendar can be flipped at any time.  Even two or three days before the end of the month.  Poor misguided Idahoan soul.

It’s common knowledge that a calendar cannot be flipped even one hour early lest the flipper is cursed with bad luck. In other words, it’s a huge no-no.  So, to her surprise, I sided with my brother.

“It does not bring bad luck,” she muttered.

Uh, yeah it does.

Let me clarify, my mom was not a superstitious person.  She often told us so.  In her very next breath she added,  “But I grew up with a superstitious woman.”  Apparently my grandma had a few notions that some of the population might consider odd or silly.   I like to think of them as quirky.

I’ve noticed superstitions often  play into other neuroses.  For example, my mom called herself a  “perfectionist.”  In today’s terms we’d call it OCD.  At any rate, a perfectionist/OCD’er will not flip a calendar early because it’s just wrong. It’s not logical or following proper order.  And the easiest way to get everyone to conform?  Tell everyone it’s bad luck.  That gets a bigger response than saying, “It’s not right.”

Another example, an empty rocking chair can’t rock by itself.  Again, there is a practical side to that superstition.  It’s just creepy.  Stop the chair.

Back to the calendar, as much as I wanted to, I could not side with CC.  To everyone’s surprise I sided with my brother.  After 20 years CC confirmed she married into a family of crazies.  I don’t think she was too shocked with that discovery.

A little shout out to CC and RH celebrating their 25th anniversary this year. Want to know the secret to their longevity?  Humor, communication, and NOT FLIPPING THE FLIPPIN’ CALENDAR EARLY!

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