My quilt

The colors in my quilt,

Each tell a different story

of people in my life,

Who have woven a tapestry.

To see the colors,

You have to close your eyes.

Follow your heart,

and then you will realize –

Some of the color in my quilt,

Has come from you.

The point where our lives touched,

Has left it’s own special hue.

A dark, rich green,

So vibrant, yet also mellow,

will remind me that a good leader,

must be willing to grow.

Mixed with splashes of yellow,

Warm, inviting, and lively.

The thread of friendship

that has been woven for me.

So now when I look at my quilt,

and see each thread that’s new,

I will remember where it came from,

and would just like to thank you!

© 2013 ck’s days

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3 thoughts on “My quilt

  1. Aahh – this is very sweet, I like the idea of a quilt with little bits of the people you’ve met woven into it! 🙂 It reminds me, all that material I have stored away, to make a memory quilt – I never see to have to time to make it. Perhaps I should save it for sewing in my old age – middle age is still way too busy! 🙂

  2. I wrote this for a dear friend of mine (I used to do that – write poems for people who crossed paths with me).
    And you know, we make time for the things we want to make time for. Just sayin 😉

  3. I agree, we do! If I really wanted to have a quilt of material memories, I’d have made it by now! The writing seems to winning all my time at the moment – but that’s OK, because I spent years avoiding it. It’s chasing me fast now!! 😀

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