The Story Behind the Post: Today I Will

My original plan was to explain yesterday’s post on my Facebook page.  But my explanation became quite lengthy.   So, an extra post this week it is.

My mom had just been diagnosed with CLL.  My family rejoiced in the fact that she defied the odds and was still with us despite a very close call.  She was thinner, older, and tired but she was fighting.

I was at work one day when she called.  At the end of the conversation, I said, “I love you.”

A coworker overheard me and teased me.  “I love you,” she mocked in a tone that sounded nothing like me.

At first, I was embarrassed.  But that quickly passed.  It was a privilege to be able to say those three words.  And I decided I should say them more often.

But did I?

Eh.  For the most part I did pretty well.  But sometimes life got in the way.   I gave in to pride and there were times my words were more hurtful than I would have liked.

Here’s my advice and you are free to take it or not.  I’m not claiming to be an expert but if I had it to do over, I hope I would heed this message.

Act as if every conversation will be your last one.   What message do you want the hearer to take away at the end?  Do you want your final words to be filled with love or hurt?  What punctuation will you use to end your verbal sentences?

I’m not saying you will always agree with every person.  There will be times when the people you love most won’t be likable.  But if the person is important to you, make sure he or she feels and understands your love when you walk away.

Don’t let silly pride build a wall between you and those you love.  Those walls really aren’t as important as they seem.  It’s okay to let them crumble and enjoy the view on the other side.

Is it an easy thing to do?  Heck no.

But it is well worth investing some time to work on it.

Trust me.

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