Go Home!

Go home, sicky!

Before I get icky.

Go home, sicky!

I hate to be nitpicky.

Look, I’m sorry you’re ailing

And your health is failing.

I don’t wanna hear you detailing

With your wheezing and wailing.

Your work ethic results in presenteeism.

I’d prefer you practice more absenteeism.

C’mon, show a little altruism.

At the very least, professionalism.

Please understand

I have big plans.

No offense, I will ban

You if I possibly can.

I see you’re determined to stay.

So how ‘bout I take your sick day?

I’ll go far, far away

And goof off and play.


Go home, sicky!

It’s getting kinda tricky

To avoid all your icky.

So, go home, sicky!


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