Here! Physically Anyway

To be honest,

I had a rough night.

A bad headache,

I just didn’t feel right.


Now it’s morning,

and I have to go and do.

Trying my best,

just to muddle through.


What is focus?

It doesn’t exist for me.

I keep drifting,

from where I oughta be.


Don’t ask questions,

I can’t think of such.

Don’t annoy me,

and it won’t take much.


Ms. Cranky Pants

will probably show her head.

I wish I could

take a break and nap instead.


All I ask is,

help me through the day.

If I were you,

it’s best if you stay out of my way.

© 2014 ck’s days


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I Feel as Lousy as I Look

Chain of Events:

Mid-January, the Super Spiritual Activity for March 24, 2012 is planned. 

As of March 1st, I pray for two things:  good roads and good health.

March 13:  my officemate announces, “My throat tickles.”

March 14:  my officemate complains about her sore throat.  I glare at the back of her head (I sit behind her).

March 15-19: my officemate stays home sick.

March 20:  my officemate returns to work declaring, “I can’t afford to stay home any longer.”  Ms. Cranky Pants would like to make a point of difference here.  She is a salaried employee.  Her husband has a pretty good job.  She could afford to stay home longer but chose not to.

March 20-23: my officemate works in our closet office while hacking up a lung and complaining.  She is the beneficiary of many a dirty glare from me.

March 23:  I decide to go to the Hunger Games matinee.  A little five-ish year old sits in front of me and wet coughs periodically.  “Oh, c’mon!” I complain in a very loud thought.  “Give me a break.”

March 24:  I am not sick.

March 25:  I am not sick.

March 26:  I am sick.

It reminds me of an episode of…shockingly, not Friends.  It reminds me of an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond. 

Word of the Day: Presenteeism

I learned a big word yesterday.

“Presenteeism is defined as lost productivity that occurs when employees come to work but perform below par due to any kind of illness. While the costs associated with the absenteeism of employees has been long studied, the costs of presenteeism is newly being studied.” (Levin-Epstein, 2005)

“Presenteeism is a new term used by human resource professionals to describe circumstances in which employees come to work even though they are ill, posing potential problems of contagion and lower productivity” (CCH Incorporated, 2003). (Sloan Work and Family Research Network).

So, basically there is a big fancy word for coming to work sick.  I learned this lesson years ago.  When I worked for Attila the Hun a very difficult boss who made my life miserable.  I didn’t dare take a day off because I didn’t want to make the call in the morning.  The flu season hit and it knocked me for a loop that year.  I went to work coughing, dripping, and feeling like a bus had run me over.  Backed up.  And run me over again.

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