When a Porcelain Throne becomes Golden it Turns into Yard Art. Apparently.

Look close and you can see…

About a month ago, I drove past a house at the bottom of my street and noticed a white commode sitting in the front yard.

“I wonder how long that will sit there?” I asked myself.  I admit my tone was condescending.  In my  defense, this was the same household that had a recliner sitting on their front porch for two years.  So, the snarkiness oozed out.

A few days later, I drove by the house again.  The white commode had disappeared.  Instead, there was this golden throne sitting in the middle of the yard.  On purpose.  A flower hanging from a pole stuck in the bowl.

…yard art!!

“Oh dear,” I said.  This is the residents’ attempt at humorous yard art.  It’s a delicate situation to mix two separate genres and it has to be done well in order to succeed.  I’m not convinced bathroom décor belongs in the front lawn.  Especially the most well-known but let’s-not-discuss-what-happens-with-it fixture.

Unless your last name is Sanford, do not decorate your yard with a toilet – even if you paint it gold.  It reminds me of those weird kids in school that used to try and convince the rest of us black licorice tasted good.  Black licorice is gross.  It does not taste good and porcelain thrones are not decorative yard pieces.

As a side note, I hope everyone appreciates the photos.  I did it covertly because I didn’t want the owners to be encouraged.  “Look honey, someone’s taking a picture of our Lawn John!  Told you it was a keeper.”

But enough about how I feel about it, what say you, faithful blog readers?  Yea or nay?


4 thoughts on “When a Porcelain Throne becomes Golden it Turns into Yard Art. Apparently.

  1. I have to say, anything that can bring a smile to a face is worth its existence in the world. Let them have their bronze bog and flower – even if they think it’s art, we know better!

  2. Or maybe if you made it not so recognizable. “Cute bird bath, where’d you get it?” “Home depot in the commode section. That’s actually a toilet bowl.” “Really? I never would have guessed.” Totally acceptable. But this…

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