Clear, Dry Roads Prayer II

I live in Wyoming and a true Wyomingite lives by certain truths.  One, you don’t plan trips during winter.  If there happens to be a nice day and the roads are open then go somewhere.  You should take advantage of those moments in winter because more than likely, the weather may not be conducive to driving and the roads may be closed.  It’s a truth or merely a fact of life here in Wyoming.  But life doesn’t stop just when the snow comes.  Sometimes you have to make plans even in Wyoming. Continue reading

I Feel as Lousy as I Look

Chain of Events:

Mid-January, the Super Spiritual Activity for March 24, 2012 is planned. 

As of March 1st, I pray for two things:  good roads and good health.

March 13:  my officemate announces, “My throat tickles.”

March 14:  my officemate complains about her sore throat.  I glare at the back of her head (I sit behind her).

March 15-19: my officemate stays home sick.

March 20:  my officemate returns to work declaring, “I can’t afford to stay home any longer.”  Ms. Cranky Pants would like to make a point of difference here.  She is a salaried employee.  Her husband has a pretty good job.  She could afford to stay home longer but chose not to.

March 20-23: my officemate works in our closet office while hacking up a lung and complaining.  She is the beneficiary of many a dirty glare from me.

March 23:  I decide to go to the Hunger Games matinee.  A little five-ish year old sits in front of me and wet coughs periodically.  “Oh, c’mon!” I complain in a very loud thought.  “Give me a break.”

March 24:  I am not sick.

March 25:  I am not sick.

March 26:  I am sick.

It reminds me of an episode of…shockingly, not Friends.  It reminds me of an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond. 

In Hindsight…

Somewhere, sometime in my younger days I had a lesson on talents.  I can’t remember the exact setting.  I might have been in the end of my Young Women’s era or in the first days of my institute years.  It was, however, definitely a church-oriented message.  The gist of it entailed me praying earnestly for the gift or talent I most wanted in life.

We all have certain gifts already given to us.  But if we apply ourselves and pray with pure sincerity, we can acquire more talents.  I took it to heart.  I came home, knelt by my bed and prayed one of the most heartfelt prayers I have ever uttered.

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