Modern day miracle

Don’t tell me there are no miracles today. And don’t try to tell me God doesn’t exist or that He doesn’t answer our prayers. I won’t believe it if you tried because I happen to know differently.

Last Wednesday evening I needed to travel 100 miles north to attend an activity for church. The date was picked by the two wards my cohort and I wanted to visit as the only available date until September. But no pressure.

I checked the forecast a week earlier. It basically read something like this “spring…spring…spring…spring….spring…spring….winter….spring….spring…spring.”

Crud. If you notice that one winter day in the forecast just so happened to coincide with the day we needed to travel north. But this is Wyoming and the weather is unpredictable. In fact, the last two storms we were supposed to have fell rather flat – or should I say dry? So, I wasn’t worried too much.

But I kept an eye on the forecast. A few days later, it did change to something more like “spring…spring…. spring…winter….winter….winter….spring…spring.”

Crud. Wednesday was insisting on returning to winter. Out of all the forecasts that have ever been forecast in Wyoming this one turned out to be highly accurate. We received a pretty good spring-winter storm. But this was the one shot to visit the two wards so I prayed all day.

“Please,” I pleaded, “let us make it tonight. I do not want to cancel but I will if it won’t be safe.” I needed to be sure because people from these two wards travel down here all the time – and in all sorts of weather. I didn’t want to be a wimp. But I thought of traveling home from a trip this past fall and this stretch of road had been horrible with whiteouts and snow. I did not want to drive in that kind of weather again.

But the roads remained open and we set out at 5:00pm.

We encountered a few wet stretches but for the most part we had no trouble. In fact, we made really good time and arrived early. But the trip home is what concerned me most. We would be traveling in the dark in possible stormy weather – just like the trip last fall.

Our meeting went well and we started for home about 8:30pm.   It was dark. We received texts from home saying our town was experiencing some heavy snow and to be careful.


We started out. The wind blew just enough to keep the roads dry all the way home. In fact, the road home was dryer than the trip up. No snow fell. We had no limited visibility. Again, we made good time. When we arrived back in town the roads were wet with the recent snowfall.

I dropped off my friend at her house and said a prayer of gratitude all the way to my house. Prayers are answered. Miracles do occur. We just have to recognize them when they happen to us.

4 thoughts on “Modern day miracle

  1. It’s just springtime in Wyoming 😄. Our trip was a couple of days before all that happened – and on the other side of the state. So thankfully I – or any of mine- was affected by that ugliness.

  2. Does sound like you got what you asked for! 🙂 You wouldn’t want to be caught in a storm on a long journey miles from nowhere – that would be very scary!
    My family and I have experienced miracles at times, some small and some were almost alarming – they do happen! The funniest one I had was when I realised I only had a £20 note to pay a taxi driver for a journey that was going to cost less than £3 (it was a long time ago – 90’s) I had no change at all. I asked my friend who I was on holiday with if she had any change – no, only a £20 note again. I just hoped and prayed the taxi driver would have enough change, otherwise I was going to have to go into the train station and buy something just to give him something smaller. When the taxi pulled up at the station I opened my purse to not only find the £20 note but also £3.50 in change next to it. I was so stunned I even asked my friend if she sneaked some change into my purse (as if she would!) but she laughed and said “If I’d had any change I would have just given it to you!” I’m still shocked about that today. It wasn’t a life or death situation, (not exactly the kind of circumstance I’d expect the miraculous to happen) and I’d never experienced anything like that before or since.

    My Dad found a £5 note (a lot of money in 1945) wrapped over a large stone in the countryside in a strong wind! His family at the time had no money and no idea what they were going to do for food for the next few days. His mother thought he’d stolen it, and he burst into tears because she didn’t initially believe it was miraculous. My Dad pointed out to her that he didn’t know anyone rich enough to steal that kind of money off! She said that was certainly true, they were poor and so was everyone they knew !! 😀 Funny, she was a very religious woman, and yet she struggled to believe such a thing could happen to their family. 😐

  3. I think it’s easy to take them for granted. It’s like that old joke of a preacher waiting for the Lord to rescue him from a flood. He turns down offered help from people in a car, boat, and then plane. Each time he responds, “No thanks, the Lord will save me.” He ends up dying and asks why the Lord didn’t rescue him. The Lord responds, “I tried. I sent the people in the car, boat, and plane!”
    The point is we are waiting for the Red Sea to part and ignoring the exact change for a taxi.

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