General Conference thoughts: Stand Up Inside and Be All In

Elder Gary B. Sabin

Not sure how many ways they can say it.  It’s basically the same message of ‘how to be a disciple in our day and age.’  A handy reference guide for us. Continue reading


Pausing on the Path

I have no additional comment regarding this meme.  This quote by Elder Ballard is a new favorite of mine.

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General Conference thoughts: Trust in the Lord and Lean Not

by Bonnie H. Cordon

I like to take road trips.  Sometimes as I’m driving down the road I think of how little effort it takes to change a lane.  First, I see a car ahead that I am gaining on.  Then with little perceived motion I change lanes.  Sometimes it seems little more than a thought that moves the car into the other lane.  Now, if that road splits and I stay in the other lane I could end up in a different destination than the other lane would take me.  Continue reading