Pulling Through

A short thought on overcoming:

You find that one truth to hold onto and hold onto it tight.  Even if that truth is a mere hope in your heart.  You hold onto it and let it pull you through your mist.  When you get to the other side you can look back and say, “It is no longer a hope because I know it is truth.  It has become my truth.”

General Conference thoughts: Trust in the Lord and Lean Not

by Bonnie H. Cordon

I like to take road trips.  Sometimes as I’m driving down the road I think of how little effort it takes to change a lane.  First, I see a car ahead that I am gaining on.  Then with little perceived motion I change lanes.  Sometimes it seems little more than a thought that moves the car into the other lane.  Now, if that road splits and I stay in the other lane I could end up in a different destination than the other lane would take me.  Continue reading