Abraham and Isaac

Genesis 22

Abraham said to Isaac,

“Son, come with me.

It is time to sacrifice

come learn and see.”


Isaac walked with Abraham,

and saw his father shed a tear.

Finally he asked softly ,

“Why did we come here?”


Abraham taught Isaac,

“Son, the Lord is leading me

we made a covenant

and I am not sure how it will be.

Right now, I am lost

I cannot see the end

but I trust the Lord

because he hears me again and again.

This has caused sleepless nights

filled with prayer and fret.

All I know is it will work out

but I do not know how, quite yet.

I love you son,

always know I love you

this thing I have been asked

is the hardest I will ever do.

I do not know how but I believe

a miracle is in store

because the Lord keeps his promises

forevermore, forevermore.

Do you trust me son?

Trust in me like I trust the Lord

there are blessings

that are in store.”

Isaac replied to Abraham,

“I am not sure I can see

but I trust in you

and I know this must be.”


Abraham offered Isaac,

but an angel stopped his hand.

The lesson was taught

so all could understand.


The lesson of Abraham and Isaac:

Trust in the covenants you make

because the Lord always does, too.

And know there is one who took your place

and made the sacrifice for you.

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