The lesson of the sunflower

I recently read a cute little post about how sunflowers use each other for support on cloudy days. According to the post, when the sun isn’t out the flowers nod to each other for support. Of course, it was supposed to be a lesson about us needing each other. I thought it was cool but two seconds of checking on it led me to believe it is not true. Sunflowers do not tilt toward each other on cloudy days. What they do instead is still a lesson to us, just not the intended lesson the post suggested.

According to what I found, young sunflowers still follow the track of the sun even on cloudy days. Mature flowers typically face east all the time. Except for a few oddballs that might choose a different direction. This is according to

While the lesson of the flowers giving each other strength is bunked here is the actual lesson we can learn. The flowers know their source of strength and they aren’t confused on cloudy days. They still know the sun is in the sky even when it is obscured. They “know” where the sun rises. Those flowers don’t need to always feel the sun to know it’s still in the sky. They simply follow what they already know, in a manner of speaking.

God doesn’t need to always prove Himself to us for us to believe. A mature disciple will know God is still there even on so-called cloudy days. Hold to what you know to be true. Keep following the track you know to be right. Don’t be distracted by sights temporarily unseen. Hold true to your path. God is there even on your adversity filled cloudy days. God is always on track. Trust what you already know.

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