Missives to the Missing: the power of an invitation

Last August, I wrote three letters of advice to my children.  You know, the children I don’t have.  If my Great Life Plan had been on track I’d be contending living with a sixteen year old right now.  No easy task to be sure and my hat goes off to all the parents of teenagers out there.  You know who you are.

If I were to have a child, there are some things I’d like to say.  Just lessons I have learned (usually the hard way) that I’d share.  As it is, I will lose out on an opportunity to share my wisest counsel while my child roll her eyes at me and thinks, “My mom really doesn’t know anything about anything.”  Instead, all I have to offer is the advice without the moans, groans, and hearing, “This is mom’s lecture #207.”  Here it goes.

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