Unknown Soldier

I have fought in many battles.

I have seen my fair share of war.

I have buried many a friend

and sent so-called enemies to the grave.

I fought and fought until I said no more.So I packed my bags and said goodbye

and pointed my sights to the west.

Hoping to find my riches

in gold on the coast.

This old scarred heart needed some rest.

Step by step my journey took me.

I traveled all alone.

No one understands.

I’m so tired of people.

It’s a comfort to be on my own.

A little more than half way

I crawled into a cave with little space

to sleep for the night.

How was I to know

this would be my final resting place?

For over 100 years

I remained in that closure

until my remains were found

and given a proper burial

honored as the unknown soldier.

© 2018 ck’s days


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