Small Town Perks

Not everyone likes the vibe of a small town.  Although I argue the point that the majority of us live in small communities.  Even when I lived in big cities I still lived in rather small communities.  I lived, shopped, and spent my leisurely down time within a few block radius.  There will be those that refute my point but I maintain it for the majority of people.  There is something about a community feel.

Here is an example.  In the local cemetery of a small Wyoming town there is a small tombstone known as the ‘Dollhouse.’  It is so named because it is the final resting place of two young siblings that died within a month of each other.  The grieving father placed toys inside the tombstone for his children and a window was included to let light in.

Years passed and the surviving family members had long since moved away.  No one was left to tend to the memorial and it fell into disarray.   Vandals knocked out the window and it was boarded up.  The stone started to crumble.

About ninety years later, the community stepped up.  Led my one member of the community, money was raised to fix up the dollhouse. Even the toys were replaced.

There is no reason this needed to be done.  It was done just to show respect for a family long since gone.

I love this story because it shows the goodness of people and that the extra mile is still being traveled.


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