My amazing ability

Once a year, my niece Bubba invites me to spend time with her and her family. I have mentioned them a few times before so I will forgo the introductions. Last year I went to visit around the end of August. While there, I made a promise to Lil K. One that I didn’t think I would have to fulfill for a few more years. I was wrong.

To understand this story, you have to know I am a Reba McEntire fan. I have seen her in concert a couple of times now and she puts on quite the show. She has not made it this far west in a few years. Every tour I check the cities only to be disappointed to see no stop in my vicinity.

Her summer tour was no different. No concert for me.

Now, I am no longer a huge country fan like I used to be. But I still enjoy a good ‘90’s country song. While visiting my niece I feel it is my duty as an aunt to educate her daughter on quality music. While she did an adequate job I felt there was room for improvement. As an incentive, I promised that if Lil K could sing a Reba song I would take her to a Reba concert if and when there was one nearby.

Lil K was 5 at the time. She is now 6. Which may seem a little young but I said the words anyway. No, it was not an empty promise. I just thought I would have more time before it came due.

The following week or so after I returned home, I woke up one morning to see an ad on Facebook. Reba is coming to town!

Whether it is with a five year old or a fifty-five year old, a deal is a deal. What kind of aunt would I be if I didn’t uphold my end of the agreement? What kind of person would I be?

Lil K learned a Reba song. We invited her mom, cousins, and aunts to join us. Next month we are having a girls’ night out and going to see Reba in concert.

My ability to manifest a nearby Reba concert worked so well that I am now working on manifesting other things into my life as well. A million dollars. A new home. Traveling. Just putting that all out there.

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