Sometimes You Just Have to Take That Jump…

By Nancy Lee

Dreams are interesting things. I love having dreams and remembering them enough to convey them to other people.

Some are really bizarre, but I think each dream has meaning.  For example, I had dreamt that I was getting ready to jump off the high dive. Right before doing this, I was so scared! I didn’t know what was going to happen, but as soon as I took that jump, the high dive became a water slide and instead of belly flopping into the water, I slid smoothly down.  I had so much fun, I wanted to go again, and I did. Each time became more enjoyable than the next.  When I woke up from it,  I of course, took this dream into deeper meaning, and reflected on my life.  I have been blessed with taking the high dive jump and tender mercies or water slides have been noticed and appreciated because of it. Just to name a few, quitting my job and moving back home to be closer to Mom when we found out she needed hospice.  I will never forget the blessing of a job at Famous Footwear during that time and a now dear friend who was once my boss hired me and told me “I hoped you would come back. I had a good feeling about you.”  A few months later, I took my next big jump and moved to Rexburg to get a degree in Elementary Education.  I was blessed with wonderful roommates and good friends.  Later, I took the opportunity of going to China to teach English there for five months.

Fast forward a little bit to moving back home. Since I wasn’t passing my test, I substitute taught and worked at Famous Footwear.   A year later, two days after my birthday, the people that hired me to student teach in Vegas still wanted me to come anyway.  It was like a birthday present from God.  In less than a week, I took another high dive jump moving to the big city and finding a place with some girls I did not know but also became very dear friends.   After I student taught, my next big jump was to move back to Utah and apply for a job.  I was hired to work at Lake Ridge Elementary. First as a fifth grade teacher, and this year as a third grade teacher. Looking back on my life and how I have taken that leap of faith, I have seen how the Lord has blessed me in continuous ways.   Now it seems that I am about to take the biggest jump of all! I am about to get married and move to Cheyenne hoping to find a teaching job there.  Although I am usually adaptable to change, and looking forward to marrying my sweetheart,  I am scared out of my wits! Doubts like; Will I find a teaching job?  Will I make a good wife? Will we have kids? If we do, will I make a good mom? Am I cut out for this?  As these uncertainties enter my mind, I think of how the Lord has strengthened me in the past and I visualize my mom singing,  Que sera sera. Whatever will be, will be.  The future’s not ours to see. Que sera, sera. Just like my dream, I need to have the faith to take that first jump and at the bottom awaits a wonderful waterslide.

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