Using a prompt

It’s that time of year again. Every year about this time I hit a writing block. Nothing good ever comes out of late winter for me. No ideas. Nothing. I’m serious, look at my past years’ posts in February (which is when I’m writing this). A lot of years I complain the well has dried up and I should throw in the towel. But I haven’t yet. I keep going.

This year is no different. So, I thought I would try a prompt or two to get me through the month. I scrolled through a couple until I found one in called 90 Writing Prompts for 90 Days.

Fiction. Nope, not until next month.

Poetry. Nope, well yes. But not this particular post.

Creative Nonfiction/Blogging. There we go. Let’s see what we got.

Hmm, ordinary things that should be supported as professional sports. Just about anything else could fall into this category. Since I am writing this in the middle of the “worst storm of the century” and a snow day, how about all the people in professions that need to be out today?

There is a no unnecessary travel order in my town and it is pretty quiet. But not totally quiet. Some people still have to go to work.

  • Emergency personnel. Because not everyone is staying in (or maybe because they are) emergency workers still need to be out there in this storm. Driving. Actually outside in it. Here’s to all the workers out there keeping us safe. You should get the endorsement deals instead of the athletes. Thank you!
  • Teachers. While school may not be in session in-person today, I would guarantee no teacher has taken the time to binge-watch their favorite show all day. They are still working whether through on-line classes or some other way. You should get the athletes’ pay.
  • Retail workers. Because not everyone is staying home you are at work dealing with supply shortages and cranky customers. You should get the awards.
  • Delivery drivers. You are at work, driving on the roads when no one else wants to but yet they still want their fast-food. You should get the trading cards and such. “I have a Subway Sandwich Artist that I will trade for your Sonic Drive-Thru card.” It could be a thing. Of course, you would get a royalty from the cards.

Basically, anyone and anything deserves just as much attention and accolade as the sports. Not that there is anything wrong with the sports themselves. Just the disproportionate respect shown on something that is merely there for entertainment purposes. It is not necessary but a perk. An enjoyable perk but just a bonus.

Don’t get me started on Hollywood.

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