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It’s that time of year again. Every year about this time I hit a writing block. Nothing good ever comes out of late winter for me. No ideas. Nothing. I’m serious, look at my past years’ posts in February (which is when I’m writing this). A lot of years I complain the well has dried up and I should throw in the towel. But I haven’t yet. I keep going.

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Why I’m Pulling for the Giants

I’m not a hard-core football fan.  I’m not even soft-core.  I’m more of what you would call a “Bowler.”  The only televised football game I watch all season is the Super Bowl.  Unless my one inherited team (Denver Broncos have been my dad’s favorite since before I can remember) makes it, I have no idea who to root for.  Since I don’t watch any games leading to the big one, I have no investment in any other team.  But I still like to watch the Super Bowl.  At least, until halftime. Plus, with the Super Bowl comes Super Bowl food.  I’m in.

So how do I decide who to pull for?  Sometimes the game has to start first.  I have this natural instinct to pull for the perceived underdog.  Or, as my brother puts it, be the antagonist.  But I like describing myself as the underdog cheerleader.  The team nobody else is cheering for or the second one to score.  This means I have cheered for a lot of losing teams (did I mention the Broncos are my inherited team?  I’m used to it).

This year I already determined the underdog was the New England Patriots.  The New York Giants are more of a machine than a team.  Don’t argue with me.  I realize all teams are more franchises and businesses than actual teams.  But for some reason, the New York Giants sounded more corporate than the Pats.  All I can say is that it makes sense in my head.  I can’t really connect the dots for you.  Sometimes you just have to nod and agree with me so that I’ll move on.

However, once I discovered who the quarterbacks are for the teams, I have switched alliances.  For the second year in a row I am picking my Super Bowl team based on the off-field antics of the quarterbacks.  It worked for me last year with Green Bay (thanks Aaron!).

The New York Giants’ quarterback is Eli Manning.  I mainly know him from the cute commercials he does with his brother, Peyton.  I’ve heard a lot about the Manning family.  Everything I’ve heard has been centered on football.  No scandals.  No off field shenanigans.  Strictly football.  Since that’s his career, I like that.  I appreciate the fact I haven’t read about him anywhere else.  And, I’m so gonna sound like a girly girl, but I think he’s cute.  But don’t tell my brother that’s how I pick my team – I’ll never hear the end of it.

The New England Patriots’ quarterback is Tom “KenDoll” Brady.  It’s not that I have something against extremely beautiful people.  Well, maybe I do.  But it’s more the fact that I’ve read a lot about Brady in entertainment news and I’m sick of him.  He’s become more celebrity than football player.  I’ve read too much about him.  I know too much about him and not what he should be known for.  I just can’t bring myself to cheer for him. 

On Sunday, while we are gathered to watch the Super Bowl, I will be the only Giants’ cheerleader in a room full of Pats.  So, I guess I will be the underdog again.  Go Giants!