The Broken Heart Club


Sometimes those heartbreaks are going to come. Unfortunately, that is a part of life. In order to love we have to put our heart out there. All vulnerable and open. Sometimes it will pay off. Sometimes it will not. Not at all.

I wish I had the healer’s touch and could fix that broken heart right up. Please know, I would if I could. But that is not within my power. I can encourage you and support you. I will to the best of my ability be here for you.

The healing, though, is up to you. Your heart means you are responsible. My advice is to take the time to heal it right. What I can do is leave a light on so that you don’t lose your way. Don’t become so consumed with what is broken that you forget about what is whole.

The good news is broken hearts can heal. You can feel peace even during the painful process of regrowth. At some point, you can even feel happy again. It is all up to you. You are designed to heal. The process is waiting for you.

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