Plan B

I am by no means an expert in this thing called life. I just thought I should start with that disclaimer and get it out in the open. So take this for what you will but I think I have discovered at least one key to life. I guarantee there is probably more than one but from personal observation I have gleaned at least this one key component. Here it is: life is all about plan B.

Charles Darwin called it the survival of the fittest and in my translation I will refer to it as the survival of the adaptest (which spell checker hates). In a nutshell if you want to be successful in this journey called life you better learn to adapt. In other words, you better learn how to roll with all the plan B’s that are going to pop up because you may have more of them than plan A’s.

I have read a few books about history and the common factor of the people I read about is their ability to accept change and make course corrections as needed. They had to be flexible and willing to modify dreams and goals from year to year and sometimes even day to day.

A couple of examples from local history. Keep in mind, the area I am referring to is a high mountain desert. The climate isn’t fit for agriculture. In fact, the creek that runs through town legitimately earned its name Bitter Creek. For the most part, the only trees in the area are planted. In short, it’s a harsh area. But yet, it’s been settled for 130 years as a town. How is that even possible?

The early pioneers learned the secret of survival of the adaptest. In large part what brought people here originally was building the railroad and then mining in coal mines. Men came looking for work in the mines. But the ones that made the history books stayed and adapted.

Archibald and Duncan Blair were two brothers that originally left their home in Canada seeking their fortune in gold. First, they tried making it rich in California and then traveled east to South Pass, Wyoming. Not attaining their success with gold they ended up working for Ben Holladay managing an Overland Stage Station a little more south but still in the Wyoming territory. While managing the station, they opened the first coal mine in Wyoming. When UP (Union Pacific) came through and ended up opening mines nearby they turned their hand to ranching.

The lesson I learned from this one example and other similar stories is the key to life is learning to adapt. Life is less like a rigid road and more a fluid river. To be successful you better be willing to change paths as need be. And at some point, the need will probably be.

By all means, sit down and make a plan A. You have to start somewhere. But just know that before you reach your destination you may have to alter your course a few times. There is nothing wrong with taking a plan B, C, or even Z. The key is to keep moving, changing, and adapting. Once you learn that little secret life truly is a beautiful journey.

4 thoughts on “Plan B

  1. I, for one, am in a constant state of practice. I don’t think I’ll achieve final draft status until the very end. Hopefully, I make good edits as I go. ☺️

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