Ol’ Tanglefoot is Dead

It begins with three cowboys

they start making some noise

one shot destroys

two cowboys left with blood on their hands.

Poor Ol’ Tanglefoot is dead

George and Roxy standing over his head

they cover their crime and fled

quickly changing their plans.

They go their separate ways

but after many days

there is a chase

and both cowboys are brought in.

“Ol’ Tanglefoot is dead, son,

shot with your gun

you did the horrible deed done

you will pay for your sin.”

Roxy sings like a canary bird

he wanted to be heard

with every single word

he pointed his finger at the other.

George points his finger too late

and gets a date

that will end his fate

because justice believed another.

George denied it all

even when death came to call

he said he didn’t do it at all

but he hung anyway.

Roxy escaped the fate of his friend

and left to begin again

two years later a shot brought his end

perhaps justice had a little delay?

© 2020 ck’s days

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