What Your Holiday Viewing Says About You

Okay, we are going to mix it up a bit here at ck’s days.  We are going to take a very unscientific poll of your favorite Christmas movie.  Choose your answer wisely because it will speak volumes of your personality.  Uh, 😉 😉


My all-time favorite movie is:

A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story



It's a Wonderful Life

It’s a Wonderful Life

white christmas

White Christmas

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

How the Grinch Stole Christmas


The Santa Clause

The Santa Clause

If you chose A Christmas Story: you are prone to be nostalgic.  Almost annoyingly so.  When you do speak of the good old days you adapt a Garrison Keillor style.  Here’s some advice:  seize the day!  Today that is.  Stop living in the past.  And one more tip: it’s pronounced frag-il not frag-i-lee.

If you chose Elf:  what? You have a penchant for grown men in tights?  Sicko. You tend to pride yourself in your irreverance.  You have embraced being the lone duck.  The fish out of water.  Here’s some advice: you’re not as unique as you think.  There are plenty of odd balls out there and your weirdness doesn’t even compare.  It’s actually your pecularity that makes you normal.

If you chose It’s a Wonderful Life: you must be a delight at parties with all your self pity.  You probably don’t really want to see what life would be like if you were never born.  Don’t go there.  Some advice: get off the pity train and find joy.  Remember, George was happier at the end of the movie when he realized how full his life actually was.

If you chose White Christmas:  you’re kind of high maintenance in a relationship, aren’t you?  Jumping to conclusions and listening to busy body maids (with short term memories) is a bad habit.  One you can kick.  Some advice:  communication goes a long way in preventing serious high jinx.  It also saves a lot of unnecessary work and travel.  Don’t hesitate to communicate.

If you chose The Grinch Who Stole Christmas:  you probably understand the first part of the movie more than the end.  You pride yourself in your very lack of Christmas spirit.  When the Grinch’s heart grows three sizes you probably think two things.  One, ouch! And two, his life is ruined.  You’re not a bad person, the commercialism of the holiday has made you a green Grinch.  Some advice: embrace the season.  The true meaning of the season not the commercialism.  Hand make all your gifts this year.

If you chose The Santa Clause:  you still want to believe in Santa, don’t you?  You’re a grown adult but there’s part of you (that you keep hidden) that wishes it were all true.  You pride yourself in your imagination and in keeping “an open heart.”  Some advice:  it’s about as real as this whole survey.  Sorry.


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