Hang on little Flag

Hang on little Flag!

You are not fastened as tightly as you once were.

That wind is blowing

and you may end up where you ought not.

So, hang on little Flag.

We sure depend on you there

to lift our eyes to hope.

If you fly off we may be lost.

Please, hang on little Flag.

© 2020 ck’s days

2 thoughts on “Hang on little Flag

  1. I was at a gas station and while filling my car up I watched the flag violently dance in the wind. Of course, by the time I decided to take a picture the wind had died down. So my pic sat in my photos forgotten for weeks. One day while trying to do my 20 minute writing exercise I was stumped. It was a long 20 minutes that day. I grabbed my phone and looked through my pics and there it was. So I used it as my prompt. Long explanation – more than you wanted to know – just to say thanks! 😊

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