The squished pink Starburst

I opened my package of Starbursts and saw this little pink guy.  He was all squished and mushed.  But he was a pink guy so… Continue reading

General Conference thoughts: Am I a Child of God?

by Elder Brian K. Taylor

In the Disney cartoon Sleeping Beauty, three fairies bestow gifts upon a newborn child to help and benefit her during her life.  I have thought about the three gifts that the fairies chose to give the child deeming them as blessings.  In the end, I have to disagree with the three gifts the fairies share.  The only useful one is the last one to counteract the spell the child was placed under.  If I were to have a child, what gifts or talents would I want that child to possess? Continue reading

I Will Go, I Will Do, I Will Be

If I had known a few months ago when I wrote this how many spoofs from this song would be born – I probably would have gone a different route.  But I didn’t.  Here is part of our camp skit (not performed by me) set to the tune of (what else?) Let It Go from Frozen (sorry, you are probably tired of the song by now).

Let it Go – Idina Menzel version

Here I am searching for answers tonight

she said they will come to me

but I have to do my part first

so I’ll try it out and see

Continue reading

Understanding Who We Are Brings Self-Respect

by Harold B. Lee

I dug into the archives and found the very first conference talk that occured in my lifetime.  It’s interesting because this is the topic or subject matter I feel most impressed to share with the young women I work with.  How can I help them understand who they are?  Anyone who truly understands that he or she is a child of God can rise above the challenges thrown at him or her.  Knowing this, well, knowing this makes all the difference.