by D. Todd Christofferson

How about a little shout out to all the good fathers out there?  Somehow in the quest to raise ‘woman’s status’ we have knocked down the good men out there.  I’m not sure if that’s really how we should go about all this equality business.

Here’s a reminder that it takes two.  Both mom and dad are equally important when it comes to raising families.  Thank you to all the good dads out there especially the ones in my life.  I appreciate you!



One thought on “Fathers

  1. Very much appreciated. I will say that I don’t get outright offended by much, but when I feel my role as a father gets overlooked (like when all the question are directed at their mother as if I have no say or don’t care), I do take it to heart. There’s a family restroom in the mall near my house. The sign reads: Fathers Welcome!

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