General Conference thoughts: An Especially Noble Calling

Today in the United States we celebrate motherhood and womanhood. This talk seemed an appropriate fit for the day as it celebrates both and focuses our efforts toward our ultimate goal.

For me, it is an invitation directed to women as we strive to become better in our roles as mothers, mother figures, and women. There are many messages out there telling us what we should be and what we should focus on. This reminds us to work hard to listen to the Spirit for guidance on what we should be putting our efforts into. We need that because there isn’t a one size fit all message for every woman. What I need to be working on at the moment may not be the same for you the reader.

What a pep talk to receive here in the 4th quarter! We have a job to do and we need to listen to our Eternal Coach to succeed.

  • How can you share your testimony this week?
  • What is your current “priority hat”?
  • How do I prevent feeling overwhelmed with this charge?
  • What will you “practice” this week?
  • What “effort” will you give the Lord this week?

An Especially Noble Calling by Joy D. Jones

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