Unfriended on Facebook

I joined the Facebook crowd just over a year ago.  By chance, I happened to read an article on Facebook etiquette right before logging on for the first time.  It mentioned the polite thing to do with friend requests.  For example, if you really don’t want to be connected to a someone, first accept the request then a couple of days later, unfriend that person.

It didn’t take long before I could try it out.  I unfriended someone who constantly cluttered my page with games.  However, a few months later I received another request from this person.  Hmm, if I unfriend someone shouldn’t Facebook help me out by maybe making the process a little more covert?

Then, it happened to me.

One night I was bored and went through the “friend suggestion” list.  There was somebody I thought I was already friends with.  I’m compulsive enough that I went through my friend list.  Sure enough, this person was missing.  Why would anyone want to unfriend me?  I’m likeable enough…I think.

So, in honor of a new way to be rejected, I came up with the lyrics of a song.  If I was musically inclined, I’d perform it.  But alas, this will have to suffice.  You can click here for the melody.

Unfriended on Facebook
Branded “uncool”
What did I do, to make you so cruel?

Silly, you can’t see my updates faithfully
Accepted then rejected
Why you dissing me?
Missing all so much gall
I sit and wonder why-y-y-y-y oh why?
You unfriended me
Oh silly.

Oh silly, sill-y
My likes and links you’ll miss out on
Clever status and blurbs are all so gone
Someday soon I know you’re gonna be sorry
No more lol’s
Oh silly

My former fbf
You made me real sad
You know it’s true
But fbf
I’m taking back my likes. I’m moving on
After I fb stalk you

Missing all, so much gall
I sit and wonder why-y-y-y-y oh why?
You unfriended me
Oh silly

Oh silly

6 thoughts on “Unfriended on Facebook

  1. Love the song.

    Ya, I got unfriended by someone I thought I’d had a good relationship with, and I will probably wonder why until I die. Or facebook does.

  2. I haven’t unfriended anyone since that first one. I hide them, but I don’t unfriend them. I also don’t peruse the friend suggestion lists – just in case someone else has let me go. It felt kinda like a breakup – I would have been okay with it if I had initiated it but since the other person did…what’s wrong with me?

  3. I would say what is wrong with them…you are a great person! I love to see your lol’s Clever status and blurbs! 🙂 Don’t worry about them just remember who really love’s ya!

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