Go ahead and make a move for Jessie’s Girl

A few months ago, I was driving to work and heard a song on the radio. It did not sound familiar but I listened to the lyrics.

Jesse by Carly Simon

It’s a song about a woman whose ex is coming back to town. He did not treat her very well yet she still has lingering feelings for him. She is asking for help to resist his charm. But in the end, she ends up going back with him.

If I had known about this song at one time I had totally forgotten about it. After all, I was only 7 when it was released. So, I’m thinking this was my first time hearing it.

As I listened to the sad lyrics of the woman falling back in with a toxic relationship I couldn’t help but think of the third person. Or, at least, I connected a third person to this story.

Jessie’s Girl by Rick Springfield

It’s about a man in love with his good friend’s girlfriend. Released in 1981 it still gets airplay today.

Here is what I determined by the end of my commute that morning. Dear Jessie’s good friend, go for it. Go for Jessie’s girl. He doesn’t deserve her. It may prove a happy ending for all.

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