What Shall We Do?

by Neill F. Marriott

Correct me if I’m wrong, but there are a lot of people telling us ‘how to’ these days.  How to be a woman is a strong and loud voice in the mix.  In order to be a woman of today – and not a backward or past generation woman – we need to be strong.  We need to want what the boys have.  We need to be able to do it all without any help.  We need to be coarse and rough and overcome any tendency to nurture – because nurturing is a weakness.

Excuse me?

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Tough Enough

Life is messy, life gets hard

sometimes you don’t want to press on.

How will you ever make it

when you don’t feel strong?

Here are a few words

of encouragement for you

because you do have what it takes

to help you make it through.

Because she’s a part of you –

tough enough to raise her children all alone.

She’s a part of you –

tough enough to leave and set out on her own.

She’s a part of you –

tough enough to give birth while rain flooded the Green.

She’s a part of you –

tough enough to start her family at seventeen.

So you see – you will succeed.

Look behind you –

They are walking with you.

Reach inside you –

they are a part of you.

Heartache will come your way

but you will make it through the day –

because you’re already tough enough.