Drama queen fail

Journal entry: I will take those words of yours; the words you took so much time to write; the words you carefully chose for maximum effect; the words you felt best expressed your point of view; those words.

I will take your cold, calculated words and I will burn them.  Your words that burned me I will burn them and receive the only warmth that can come from them.  I will use the flames from your words and roast marshmallows and make something sweet from your burned words. And then I will let the wind take the ashes away and I will never think of your cruel and harsh words again.

Journal entry:  I can’t even get paper to burn.  Those words must be cursed because I couldn’t get them to burn.  There were no marshmallows.  I ended up throwing the paper away which is something I could have done much sooner and a lot easier.

Practical 1/drama 0.

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