Day after Thanksgiving tradition

Many years ago, when my older nieces were young I decided to create an after holiday treat with them. Perhaps, it was my way of extending the family togetherness of Thanksgiving. Or maybe I just wanted an excuse to see a movie that was geared for children. Whatever the reason, a tradition we unoriginally call the Day After Thanksgiving Movie was born.

It started with me taking the kids to see a movie while their parents did some Christmas shopping or whatever parents do the day after a holiday. Some years there were only a few of us. Some years the whole family would go. Some years I really didn’t want to see the movie picked but I went to spend time with the family. It was never really about the movie, it was more about the time spent together. A bonding time.

Now, twenty some years later, it warms my heart to hear those who will be coming to town for the holiday discuss which movie we are going to see. A list of possible choices is made and one winner gets the privilege of being our pick.

A tradition isn’t born over night but over time. Time we want to spend together and strengthen our bonds. So, I’m willing to sit through just about any two hours for that.

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