The holiday known as Christmas

What is the deal with Christmas?  When did it become the powerhouse of holidays?  How did Santa Claus come into the picture?  Who was responsible for deciding December 25th was the day when no one really knew the date of the Savior’s birth? Where did Christmas originate? I asked myself these very questions this winter and decided to seek out some answers.  In short, why do we celebrate Christmas the way we do? Continue reading

3-day weekend

Ah, holiday weekends.

I text my niece, Lyn, on Friday night and asked when her mom, MZ, and her were coming to town.  She replied Sunday morning.   So, I put off cleaning and ironing and went for a walk.   When I returned an hour later, we had a houseful including MZ and Lyn.  We Lees like to sneak.  Usually we’re not very good at it so kudos to them.  Also waiting at the house were two of my other nieces, Jo-T and Bubba and Bubba’s fiancé SS.  Have I mentioned Bubba is getting married? More on that later.

Unfortunately, they came to an unclean and kind of gross house.  That’s a little embarrassing.  And I never did get around to doing the ironing.

The next day, we played in the Green River for an hour.  Well, they played.  I took pictures.  The water is really cold and kind of smelly so I opted out of swimming.  Plus, I was hanging out with a group of young’uns in swimming suits.  Yeah, I’m not going to wear a swimming suit while mingling with that crowd.  Ever.

It was a lovely, lazy, summer kind of day.  My favorite kind.  Until 7:00 when we received a text from Bubba saying they were on their way to the hospital.  Jo-T and her were involved in a 4-wheeler accident and bystanders called the ambulance.

She thought her ankle was broken but Jo-T received, “Mild injuries.”

We beat them to the hospital and watched as they were taken out of the ambulance.  They were in the garage and we stood outside so they couldn’t see us.  Bubba was put in a wheel chair but Jo-T was taken in on a stretcher.  My heart dropped.  The ER staff wouldn’t let us go back and see them until they were checked in the room.

I paced back and forth.  “She’s fine,” Lyn reassured.  “You always think the worst.”

Uh, yeah.  She’s on a stretcher with a neck brace on.  It was not a calming picture.

Their parents were out of town.  Happy to report, they are okay with mild injuries and a whole lot of pain.  After a couple of hours in the ER they were released.  We made sure they were situated for the night.

I text Bubba the next day and asked how she was doing.  “OK, just in lots of pain,” she replied.

“You know what’s good for that?” I asked.

“What?” 🙂

“Not have a 4-wheeler roll on top of you.” 🙂  (I’m so funny!)

“Oh yeah! Gosh I wish I would have thought of that ;)”

“It’s a good rule of thumb.”  I really don’t know how they manage to get anything done with this resident comedienne keeping them in stitches all the time.  Oh, that might have been an inappropriate phrase to use at this time.

Lyn, MZ, and I concluded our Sunday evening by watching George of the Jungle (1997).  Hey, don’t judge!  There’s a lot of wit behind the cheesiness.  The narrator uses all that alliteration and… it’s just good for a giggle, all right?

It’s been awhile since we watched it.  When it came to the part where George is in San Francisco and eating everything in Ursula’s apartment, Lyn stated, “There’s no way he could eat all that.  It would make him sick.”

“Really? That’s the part you have a problem with?” I asked.

Don’t know what I’m talking about?  You should watch it.  You know, when you’re in a silly mood and with that one friend that laughs at everything and makes everything funnier.  Maybe late at night.  It’s good times.

(sigh) The weekend is nearly over.  But there’s always a chance my ship will come in today.  C’mon, ship!