How Not to Get to Know Someone

As a quiet person I understand how difficult it is to come up with conversation topics.  I have had my share of awkward ice-breaker attempts.  It’s not always pretty.  So, I don’t condemn the dental hygienist who failed at trying to put me at ease during my semi-annual appointment.  Why the harsh criticism? How can I judge someone who was doing her best a being friendly?

Because this was the question she asked me:

Do you have any grand kids?

Not the typical, “Do you have any kiddos?”  That was her follow-up question.

For the record, I don’t have either.  No kids.  No grand kids.  I guess if my life had gone as planned I could have grandchildren by now but do I look that old?   Not to be vain but I was always told I looked younger than my age.  My fear was that it was going to flip one day about the time I’d appreciate looking younger.

Have I reached that time?

I left the office feeling… old.

What the heck, Ms. Hygienist?  Just because you aren’t even the big 3-0 yet you should always lead with “Any kids?”


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