Random thoughts: Connection

“If you offer the best part of yourself even when you don’t have anything else” (The Secret of Giving, Bowles, Russ) so sings Reba.

I feel as if I am written out.  Perhaps I have nothing left to say.  But I keep trying. 

I hope someone will read these words of mine.  Overlook the many flaws and connect with them.  A connection with my words is a connection to a piece of me.  I realize – now – that my writing may not be the best but it is the best I have to offer.

The past couple of years I have struggled to write because I know I don’t write well enough for some people.  Those voices have echoed in my head and caused my well to run dry.  But I thought of my mom.

My mom was an artist and made homemade plaques and cards for people.  One day, my sister found a frame in a thrift store with mom’s label on the back.  Now, the artwork could have been kept and only the frame discarded.  Or the artwork could have been thrown away.  There is no way to know for certain.  I think mom took it as a rejection though.  She thought the worst and had a difficult time shrugging it off.

I don’t blame her.  For some people it may be a silly thing.  But I get it.  It’s not easy to put your talent and heart into something and feel like it is rejected or not appreciated.

But I’m going to try and be brave.  Even though some people will not appreciate my words and look only at the flaws there might be some people who will appreciate them.  So that’s what I’m going to give to people. Encouraging and uplifting words to help someone face a difficult day.  It’s not easy, I’ve already had to shrug some reactions off.  Just give to give, ck.  Don’t worry about the rest.

“If you offer the best part of yourself even when you don’t have anything else”

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